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Loos 2 ewe

Loos 2 ewe

Men’s Room

The men’s room is a hexagon shaped restroom containing five, single user rotomoulded wall mounted urinals. Lightweight rotomoulded holding tanks for each urinal are located outside the unit allowing for easy access servicing even while the unit is being used.

A spacious design that allows for a most efficient use of the interior space with a corner style tank.  It has a unique ventilation system  that means there’s no unpleasant sights or odours. It also has a large holding tank so there’s no need for additional water storage or mains water to be connected. It is hygienic hands-free operation, and you have a door mounted mirror.We also have a mains connected version which saves on the need for refilling and servicing needs. For anymore details contact us.

This is a large sink basin for washing hands and arms up to the elbow (if required).It has two soap dispensers, 1,000 sheet paper towel compartment and a sealed fresh water tank.


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